This is the second post in the “New Zealand Series.” This past weekend, I along with other international students went to Taupo and Rotorua. Both places are beyond beautiful, however, I have to warn you about the horrible smell of fluorine. Since these places have fumaroles, fluorine lingers around in the air. Taupo is a great place to visit for those who love mountain biking, but it is also popular for hiking.

On our way to see the popular Waikato river, which is the longest river in New Zealand, we stopped by to admire the view of the Lake Taupo.

The view of the mountains on the background makes Lake Taupo even more pretty!


There were several fumaroles around the lake.

We had to hike a little bit to make our way to the Waikato River. Just another excuse to see and admire the beauty of New Zealand.

During winter, it can get quite rainy but we were blessed with sunny weather that day.


Seeing this view made the hike totally worth it!

The Waikato River walk was about 15 minutes hike and then we were awed by the beautiful turquoise river.

The smell of fluorine was still strong but the melodious color of the river and relaxing sound of the waves made my heart warm and happy.

One of the popular destination to visit while in Taupo is Craters of the Moon, which features landscape with bubbling craters and steaming vents. It charges 8 NZD for adults and 4 NZD for kids. It is definitely worth your money!

The main track consists of 45 minutes of loop walking. It is an easy walk suitable for all ages as the track surface is made up of gravel and wooden boardwalks.


A little bit of goofiness hurt nobody 🙂


Beautiful smokey fumaroles!

For those of you who cannot handle the smell of fluorine or whose migraines get triggered by the smell, I advise bringing something that smells good along the way because the smell of fluorine is especially prominent near the fumaroles.

Hope you enjoyed looking through the pics!



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