Reminiscent of Childhood (90s Kid Special)

There are things belonging to 90s that we don’t use anymore. There were ways of functioning on a daily basis that would seem foreign to today’s generation. We relied on objects which are probably outmoded now.

I remember the happiness of finally getting to write with an ink pen.

I have not forgotten the rush on the day of the parents day.

I also recall making excuses to avoid going to morning assembly.

It’s nice to visit nostalgic places like your childhood hometown, or your school playground where you played “chungi” during the “tiffin time.”  But there are even simpler things that can also take us back to our childhood, things like the taste of “parley -G biscuit” in tea or “hamro mubin” reruns on Saturdays.

Here, I share a list of nostalgia you can relate to if you are a 90s kid who grew up in Nepal. (Disclaimer: All the pictures are taken from the internet.)

the excitement of finally getting to use an ink pen


going to the library or “staff room” to refill your fountain pen


playing chungi


patiently waiting for your turn to swing on the dashian ping


how can you forget the joy of defeating your sibling(s) in ludo


but losing the game of carom board


assigning a power ranger character amongst your friend group


buying roadside ice cream


solution to boredom in the classroom


pleading your older sibling to get hang of this for once


sticky scale that everyone wanted in 5th grade


the joy of playing paper fortune teller during  that “five-minute” break we got between periods


Most of our childhood is not only stored in photos but also in certain things that we often overlook and take for granted.

Please share yours 🙂


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